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Past Volunteers

Among the individuals who have made large contributions of time and energy as volunteers (or SCSEP employees) from 2010 to the present: David McGill, Pam Curtis, Bill Josephson, Lisa Maxwell, Sarah Ciriello, Kate Pulnik, David Heimann, Gary Sockut, Bill Dowd, Luis Vega, Tyler Putnam, Chris Buckles, Heather Kilgore, John Perkins, Marie Silk, Jeff Stevens, Peter Ajemian, and Lisa Gould.

Current Volunteers

Victoria Carter
Writer, PDC Post

Sarah Ciriello
PDC Office

Lee Daum
PDC Ambassador

Abbey Dodd

Edie Fossey
Writer, PDC Post

Stephen Morgan
Editor, PDC Post

Susan Munter
Volunteer Coordinator & Board Development

Bimal Nepal

Tyler Putnam

Ethel Shepard
Public Relations

Marie Silk

Subash Srinivasan

Ralph Valente
Marketing Director

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