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Emily Hutchinson, Vice President

Emily Hutchinson

Emily Hutchinson worked for over 20 years in Mutual Fund Operations, Marketing, Legal, Compliance, and Systems. She established a training program in 1982 at Colonial Mutual Funds. Her excellent problem solving and communication skills have long been evident, enabling communication between the IT and the business people; the operations and sales and marketing departments. She was an active participant in developing and launching new products, merging mutual funds, and developing systems requirements and shareholder accounting systems conversion. She served as liaison between sales and marketing and the dealer and shareholder operations divisions.

As Vice President of the PDC, Emily handles the contributing to PDC fundraising efforts, supervising staff and volunteers, the development of administrative and corporate policies and procedures, oversight of administration, course registration, online course information, onsite registration, building instructor relationships, as well as marketing courses.

Emily has a Master’s Degree in Education with a major in elementary education. She taught elementary special needs until Massachusetts Proposition 2 ½ changed all that. Emily took the initiative and plunged into the burgeoning field of finance for over 20 years. Emily recently received her certification as a High Performance Coach.

Emily has participated in distribution ventures including the sale of cutting edge nutritional supplements and skin care for 4 years. She has spent time on several boards including the Hingham Cultural Council, The Hingham Singers, and the Fine Arts Chorale. In her spare time, Emily enjoys singing with the Fine Arts Chorale (for 40 years) and The Hingham Singers, and being with friends and family.

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