Industry Expert Led Affordable Training for Polishing Skills and Landing Jobs

PDC EZine Volume1 Number 2



Welcome to the second edition of the PDC EZine. Here are some articles that will be of interest.




Recently there have been a series of articles in the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal and various local media outlets outlining the difficulty Massachusetts firms are having in finding adequately skilled workers. The mismatch between the needs of employers and today’s workforce is slowing our state’s economic recovery and hurting the thousands of job seekers who aren’t getting hired because they lack key skills. –more-



PDC Trainings Leading to Hiring

It’s been a busy few months for everyone at the PDC! Since our last newsletter we’ve trained hundreds of professionals across industry and career level, and in a few cases, our trainings have resulted in people getting hired for jobs they were once considered unqualified for. This is especially great news! Through collaboration with leading industry-experts we’ve also been able to double the number of courses offered, and our recent partnerships with three state-funded Career Centers have allowed us the opportunity to teach courses in multiple locations throughout the Boston area. –more-



A Visit to the Cambridge Innovation Center

To ensure that course offerings match the ever-evolving knowledge requirements needed for workers to stay current in today’s workforce, it’s important that the PDC meet with area business leaders to learn more about their organizations and stay ahead of industry trends. As part of this endeavor, Larry Elle and Bruce Hemeon recently visited the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). –more-


PDC Staff and Volunteers

Volunteering Your Skills Is a Win-Win!

Skills-based volunteering is a great way for you to make a difference in your community while at the same time, it allows you to gain new skills and apply your current skill-set in different ways. –more-

teaching professionals skills for today's marketis our main focus

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