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Don’t hold back. Share what’s special about you with employers

By Edith Moricz

“But Edith, I haven’t done anything amazing or newsworthy in my career. I haven’t won awards or recognitions. I’ve just worked, done my job, what I get paid to do … just like everybody else.”


I hear these same words all the time, particularly from mature professionals. My initial response is, “Well, if you aren’t excited AND proud of what you’ve accomplished over your career path, then how are you presenting yourself in a phone interview or on paper (your cover letter) to a hiring manager or to an HR department?”

As the saying goes, it all starts with you. It starts with:

•  Your life story
•  Your career path
•  Your skills/talents/passions and of course …
•  Your challenges

Yes, even your challenges. The challenges you’ve faced and how you overcame them. What obstacles and hurdles, once overcome, have shaped your resilience, your persistence, and spotlighted your achievements (big and small).

It’s all part of your branding. It’s about employers getting to know what’s special, what’s unique, about you.

Getting (them) to know you

It’s of great importance to feel comfortable in your own skin. And to own your accomplishments. And to do so with abundant confidence.

This merits repeating: Do all this with confidence. Not arrogance. Confidence. Confidence builds intrigue and connection. Confidence also builds interest.

Bottom line: You are building a meaningful connection with your audience. With the hiring manager. With HR. With the entire team who will decide whether to hire you.

You must do this even if you haven’t shared any of this about yourself before, because you didn’t have to or need to or want to.

Choose employers that “get it” – that understand you

And the best part? The right organizations, leaders, and hiring managers will understand what you have to offer. They will understand your value, your impact, your excitement, your talent. They’ll see it immediately.

The wrong ones, on the other hand, may feel threatened by your dynamic talents, or unsure “how you will fit in.”

So don’t focus your precious time on people who can’t figure out how you’ll fit in. Go for the ones who can’t wait to learn more about your strategies and processes for solving problems and advancing their goals.

Isn’t that what you’ll be paid to do anyway?

Ultimately, you must choose employers who are excited by your energies, passions, talents and experiences. Not the employers that are intimidated or (worse), indecisive.

Start now

Now is the best time to start sharing your story, your achievements and your passion for your work.

Take that step…Be more visible. Be strong. Be proud. Be proud of your values, beliefs, responsibilities, and the impact you’ve made (so far).

So all of this is you starting to build your brand. It takes time to build your brand and share the full story of your talents. But there is no better time to start building (or strengthening) your brand, your unique value as an employee, than now.


Edith Moricz is Founder of Fasttrack2YrDreamJob, a custom career coaching program, and rocketYOUR nonprofit, a custom fundraising coaching program. She is a career coach, fundraising coach, adjunct professor, and author. She currently provides career coaching by phone and video, as well as on-site and remote fundraising coaching to non-profits around the country. She was named LinkedIn’s Best Career Coach in 2017. Edith can be reached at 617.755.1772 or on LinkedIn .

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