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You’ve earned your spotlight: Key affirmations to help you re-launch your career

By Edith Moricz

Success doesn’t happen while you are sitting on the sidelines. You need to: Be bold. Not blend in. Stand out. Stand up!

You’ve earned your spot in the spotlight through your talents, skills, passions, and life experiences.

Here are four steps to a 2020 that puts your talents, skills, and passions in the spotlight – actions that will highlight your ability to help others and make a difference. Ultimately, they will enable you to (re)build your cash flow as they move you toward a job you find fulfilling.

A job that’s fulfilling? Not sure what exactly it is that you want to do, professionally speaking? Not sure what exactly you will find fulfilling? Not sure what inspires you AND generates stable income?

These steps also will help you identify what you love to do, and help individuals and organizations who need your skills, talent, and passions find you so that you can help them achieve their goals.

Step 1: Focus on simplicity

Take care of yourself, your body. Focus on what you do when you are not working – on what you enjoy most, and what rejuvenates you.

Consistently living a wholesome lifestyle through establishing good habits has a lasting impact on your body, mind, and overall attitude.

The good effects of your simple, wholesome, invigorating lifestyle will be seen by others – people who are attracted to your enthusiasm and your other good qualities. These people might be in a position to ask you to bring your positive attitude to an exciting, stimulating job opportunity.

Step 2: Share your talents, skills, and passions

Help others. Take time to volunteer, to mentor. Online or offline share your wisdom, and your life lessons learned.

Use the skills that are your strengths, the skills that come naturally to you, to help others. This immediately makes an impact on the lives of others. You don’t have to score a job to get started.

We can all learn from each other. Do your part to enable others to benefit from the lessons you’ve learned.

Step 3: Build your knowledge

There are many ways to build your knowledge.

Hands-on experience (such as being an intern) is considered one the best ways to build knowledge. Books, online webinars/courses, and seminars are other examples of ways to expand your skills and improve your self development and add to your skill set. They prepare you to make a difference!

A question: Have you wanted to explore a topic but never had the time?

Perhaps now IS the time. People with well-round knowledge on a variety of subjects are more interesting to speak with. They also may be more interesting to a potential employer. Employers don’t necessarily want employees who are so focused on their one particular field they are lost whenever they step away from this field.

Step 4: Change your environment

Design a home atmosphere that screams simplicity and allows for creativity.

Create a space that’s relaxing, and that can inspire your thoughts, ideas, and imagination. Colors play a key role.

Organizing your possessions in a harmonious way can create a sense of calm. It also removes distractions that inhibit you from achieving success.

There are no rules here. Just the freedom to explore and engage in ways that make you relax, give you serenity, and bring you calmness.

Purge things – whatever doesn’t energize you.

Design your space, your mindset, and your daily routine so that you are excited each morning. Each morning is an opportunity for accomplishment and sharing your skills, passions, and talent.

Within your special space, you can establish a morning routine. This could include:

  • Stretching and moving your body
  • Hydrating your body. Start your morning with water. It will instantly invigorate and rejuvenate you. It also rids your body of toxins.
  • Reflecting /collecting your thoughts on your plan for the day (what you will do to take action and what you are waiting for others to do on your behalf)
  • Creating, designing your day (essential activities that need to be done as well as things that bring you joy and energize you)
  • Reflecting on your blessings and joys

Your future career success is built on daily goals and on implementing these goals, along with realizing and appreciating your talents.

What to do right now

All these actions are especially critical for professionals who have been in job transition for more than a year. You get to decide who you are. You get to stand out. Your talents, skills, and passions have earned you the space to stand out.

Not sure how to begin this process?

You have answers where to begin based on what excites you, what inspires you, and all the ways you’ve already made an impact, personally and professionally.

Let 2020 be your year to make an impact at an organization and to create your success story.


Edith Moricz is Founder of Fasttrack2YrDreamJob, a career coaching program, and rocketYOUR nonprofit, a custom fundraising coaching program. She is a career coach, fundraising coach, adjunct professor, and author. She currently provides career coaching by phone and video, as well as on-site and remote fundraising coaching to non-profits around the country. She was named LinkedIn’s Best Career Coach in 2017. Edith can be reached at 617 755 1772 or at

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