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These on-line sites could help you find your next job

By Debby Wiesen

The days when job seekers would search through tiny listings in newspaper classified sections are largely over. Yes, there still are a few jobs listed back there among the advertisements for house cleaners and used cars. But undoubtedly you, and everyone you know, has instead been spending this search time looking on-line.

Sector-specific sites can be a particularly effective place to look for jobs – for job seekers trained or experienced in a particular industry. These websites are excellent resources for finding openings that may not be available on general employment sites.

Some job-seekers, particularly people who have not fine-tuned their information in order to catch the eye of a potential employer or, as is often the case, the attention of computers that scan resumes looking for key words, may find this process frustrating because it can be hard to elicit a response. However, along with networking and your other job-search activities, spending time on on-line sites may be worth the effort.

Listed below is a sample of on-line job sites, arranged by industries/sectors, that could help you find your next job. There are many other on-line options in addition to these I have listed.

Technology and Finance is a site where many technology job-seekers look. Users can focus in on relevant jobs for their backgrounds by accessing the easy-to-use skill and job-title search functions for entry-level to more advanced jobs. enables users to identify opportunities in 35 different niches within finance, such as accounting, asset management, hedge funds, quantitative analytics, investment banking, trading, and corporate banking. Users can search for jobs using keywords like financial analyst, portfolio management, training, leadership, risk management, and research. You also can search by experience level and salary range. is used by financial services, accounting, asset/investment management, and technology firms to find candidates for their vacancies. Job seekers complete detailed profiles, which generate matches from the OneWire jobs database. Employers query the candidate database and find prospects based on those profiles. The site contains a broad range of informative video interviews with industry professionals.

Energy and Environment contains a database of over 27,000 opportunities in the energy, oil and gas, renewable energy, offshore, and power/nuclear sectors. Administrative, marketing, trade, technical, engineering, and many other categories of jobs are included and searchable by functional area. Users can complete a profile and receive targeted job alerts. The site features a special section devoted to entry-level job opportunities for new graduates or career changers.

ecojobs.comthe Environmental Career Opportunities, site contains handy search tabs for environmental job categories such as renewable energy, green jobs, advocacy, environmental law, environmental education, and environmental engineering. The site also includes listings of environmental internships.

Advertising and Marketing – many companies in the advertising, media, and marketing sectors use Talent Zoo to find staff. Job seekers can search four categories for vacancies: advertising, marketing, design, and website design. The site contains useful articles and blogs on trends in those industries as well as job-search advice. Users can upload a portfolio and resume in hope of connecting with employers., or Media Bistro Boston, specializes in job postings in the social media, advertising, public relations, film, TV, design, and publishing sectors. The site provides advice, news, and information on courses and events in these fields.

Part-time and Transitional Opportunities is a resource for individuals who want or need flexibility and work/life balance. Job seekers can search for jobs by choosing from job types: part-time, full-time, freelance, telecommuting, flexible scheduling, and alternative scheduling. The database has many opportunities in approximately 50 job categories including account management, communications, human services, project management, and science. Users pay a monthly fee to gain full access to the site. is a place for part-time and transitional workers to find basic hourly employment in their area. The site contains a great number of temporary and ongoing retail, hospitality, and service jobs and lists vacancies in order of proximity to users’ locales. Users can browse jobs by industry, location, and job type. provides a platform for independent contractors like designers, programmers, application developers, writers, marketers, and legal professionals to find projects and advertise their services to prospective employers.

Government is an excellent place to look for government jobs. Job seekers can find opportunities by location, agency, occupation, and job title. Disabled individuals and veterans can identify resources to help them secure government employment. A clear explanation of the federal hiring process is outlined. Don’t be discouraged – it can be time-consuming to complete applications online.

Healthcare and non-profit contains over 143,000 companies hiring for a broad range of jobs in the health-care sector, including support, technician, nursing, and physician roles.

Idealist.orgIdealist, is a premier job-search site for full-time, internship, and volunteer positions within the non-profit sector. Users can target organizations by their mission and within specific types of opportunities. Registered users also can identify groups of interest and communicate with members for networking purposes. I recently checked the site and there were over 400 job postings.

Hospitality is a leading source of job postings, professional-development content, and professional conferences in the restaurant industry. Users can search for chef, food-supervisor, and restaurant-management jobs, upload resumes, and apply for positions. StarChefs JobFinder’s current list of employers includes industry leaders like the Ritz Carlton/Marriott International, Vail Resorts, the Compass Group, country clubs, and smaller restaurant groups.


I hope these job sites help you in your quest for a new or different position in your chosen field!


Debby Wiesen spent 15 years as a senior manager and executive in the areas of adult education and workforce development. Most recently, she was Director of Adult Education & Workforce Initiatives at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center. She also is the former VP & founder of the Veterans Training School at the New England Center and Home for Veterans. In these roles, Debby was responsible for program oversight and management of ESOL classes, vocational training, grants administration, and strategic partnerships in higher education and business, while providing fiscal oversight. Additionally, Debby presented at several national conferences on the subjects of the “Power of the Partnership” and “Employer Engagement.” Prior to a career in the nonprofit sector, she conducted research at several consulting firms.

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