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JVS: These initials mean comprehensive employment help

By Edith Moricz

From the Jewish Vocational Service website: “JVS Boston . . . empower(s) individuals from diverse communities to find employment and to build careers.”


Last year, Jewish Vocational Service helped a total of 15,000 individuals — enough people to populate a modest-sized town.

Many of these people are the folks who need help the most— people with few resources and connections. More specifically, I’m referring here to recent immigrants, refugees, and people with disabilities. JVS also helps sometimes-forgotten, but still-able-to-make-a-valuable-contribution older workers. Along with this, JVS helps the large group of people who don’t have overt obstacles to employment— for example, career-building professionals— who also find themselves in need of help taking the next step to find employment.

JVS helps all these communities to build their skills and begin or advance in their family-sustaining careers.

There are two JVS Professional Career Services sites: in downtown Boston ( and in Newton. These places offer career counseling, job-search coaching, LinkedIn guidance, seminars, and outplacement services. Generous donations fund these services.

At their 75 Federal Street location, JVS also partners with the City of Boston providing their MassHire Downtown Boston Career Center. This combination of resources results in comprehensive employment help for workers.

I had the pleasure many years ago of working at the JVS headquarters in Boston as a consultant, providing support as a career coach in their Bridges to College college-prep program. I worked with a diverse adult population seeking advancement in their careers through classroom training and one-on-one career coaching.

As a result, I have inside knowledge about JVS and how it enables individuals to create a stable financial future for themselves and their families. They have an overarching objective behind the many ways they provide help of promoting self-respect and fostering excellence. They expect integrity from both clients and staff.

Bottom line, JVS has created an extremely supportive, dynamic, positive, empowering, and respectful environment. This organization plays a role in both sides of the employment equation (employers and employees) by supporting each group in innovative ways.

Another important observation I’m excited to share is that JVS helps participants address the changing needs of the job market. They constantly are analyzing employment and employers. And they use this knowledge to ensure their services and programs help participants to have the skillsets required to land challenging, stimulating jobs and do well at these jobs.

As a result, JVS clients generally enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence in pursuing job opportunities. They also are able to strengthen their performance in existing jobs, which furthers their chance of promotion.

I was inspired by being in this environment and seeing how JVS staff members and program instructors consistently threw their efforts into making sure participants reap the fullest benefits of employment by leveraging their potential. My participation at JVS Boston had a tremendous impact on how I work with my own clients in my custom career-coaching program, Fasttrack2YrDreamJob.


Edith Moricz is Founder of Fasttrack2YrDreamJob, a custom career coaching program, and rocketYOUR nonprofit, a custom fundraising coaching program. She is a career coach, fundraising coach, adjunct professor, and author. She currently provides career coaching by phone and video, as well as on-site and remote fundraising coaching to non-profits around the country. She was named LinkedIn’s Best Career Coach in 2017. Edith can be reached at 617 755 1772 or on LinkedIn. She offers free 15-minute by-phone career-coaching consultations.

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