Industry Expert Led Affordable Training for Polishing Skills and Landing Jobs

How to Instantly Boost Your Success in a Small Business or Consulting

By Hilary McCarthy

If you could make a few tweaks to how you do business and see a lift in sales, you’d do them, right?

Immediately actionable steps to rapidly increase business success are the premise behind Edith Moricz’s class, “Promoting Your Small Business or Consulting Practice: Six Key Ways to See Immediate Results.”

With 25 years as a financial adviser and fund-raising coach and as the founder/CEO of (custom fund-raising coaching for nonprofits), Moricz draws on her multifaceted background in goal-setting, relationship building and problem solving to share her Wall Street training with Main Street. She combines lessons learned in finance, fund-raising and business with a passion for teaching to help small business owners increase their profitability in this previously sold-out class piloted at PDC last year. Moricz has also led a fund-raising workshop here for the past four years.

It’s a “mastermind session with tangible results,” says Moricz. “It’s all about how each of us are using our talents, skills, expertise to make an impact. The attendees in my class are a walking new potential product idea or new business. I’m coaching them on what I’ve learned in my career path so that they can leave today and know exactly what tactics to implement tomorrow and over the next 90 days to turn an idea, dream, hobby into a prosperous business.”

What are some examples of how business owners can instantly make a positive impact on business?

“Most business owners know what they are good at and are excited to tell customers, but the big thing they forget about is what problems they are solving: How do they address someone’s needs? What’s in it for them? And then, how do you say it in a way that grabs their attention, prompts them to listen and, when you leave the room, makes you unforgettable?”

This often starts with asking the right questions and taking a deep dive into the target audience (problems, concerns, sites they visit) to elicit responses, which Moricz helps attendees to identify. Attendees can then use this information to be laser-focused in language to make sure it addresses customer needs/desires.

“It takes a while to get this type of storytelling right. You have to be comfortable, talk about your impact, accomplishments and credentials – what problems are you solving.” Often it also involves offering prospects a choice. Moricz illustrates the importance of aligning with your prospects’ needs: “Who doesn’t want to cut their expenses, reduce taxes, expand their team?” She also suggests offering prospects options if they are not able to commit now, such as in fund-raising, asking them to make contributions through their estate, if they cannot contribute at this time.

“The wording is everything,” says Moricz. And just as with the spoken word, “promoting your business requires you to write effectively or find someone who is great at copywriting,” she adds.

Another way business owners can win prospects over is through networking. “Business owners are often terrified to get in front of people. They worry: What if they ask me tough questions?” says Moricz. “But really you just have to show how you present yourself and that you are genuine.”

Attendees of Moricz’s workshop will develop a plan to easily host a low cost meet-and-greet that will draw targeted prospects. They will also create a marketing piece they can leave with potential customers and learn what actions to take to persuade them to take the next step.

They will also learn about cost-effective ways to promote their business – from getting started with a professional logo for $25 to effectively leveraging social media. “Most businesses are very lean. Business owners often start off being frustrated and scared. Most things have a price tag, but there are ways to bootstrap to get it done so that you can advertise what you do, how you do it, that are economical to meet your needs.”

What is the most important thing small business owners can do to get started?

“What makes us all successful in the end is getting out there. Are you going to do it or not? Here is your chance. Don’t look back years later,” says Moricz. “Don’t let the fear of getting started stand in the way – show genuineness toward the connections that you are making. How you hook them is by the sound of your voice, your enthusiasm and presentation. Focus on those things you are good at.”


Promoting Your Small Business or Consulting Practice: Six Key Ways to See Immediate Results” will be taught on Friday, Oct. 20, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Residence Inn by Marriott, 570 Arsenal St, Watertown. Cost is $70 (including $5 for materials). For information or to register, visit

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