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Working Remotely: A “How To”

On Staying Effective and Productive During and After Covid-19

Tuesday  December 8

Time:  1:00—2:30 pm

Cost:  $20

Instructor:  Erinda Spiro and Wayne Johnson

Approximately 30% of the American workforce are currently working remotely. What was once the privilege of a trusted few is now the new reality for millions of professionals, a situation unlikely to alter.

Today there’s no boss looking over your shoulder but there are more distractions, e.g., children and partners sharing space, or inadequate home internet services. There are other remote work challenges such as difficulties collaborating, setting agendas, accountability, and using and learning new technologies. Remote workers also need to develop a new mindset and practice, all while missing the advantages of working with peers.

Please join with us to master the tasks of working remotely. We’ll share with you via presentation and exercises how to become an effective remote worker, improving your personal and professional life.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • The key attributes of a remote, working outcomes culture
  • The essential concepts and practices needed for successful work from home now and well beyond
  • How to manage virtual meetings, be they domestic or international
  • Creating practical solutions to such problems as learning and strengthening technology knowledge, and attaining needed and proper technology tools
  • How to develop a Responsiveness Culture enabling you to become more effective working remotely

Erinda Spiro and Wayne Johnson have decades of experience in business development, higher education administration, research, teaching, curriculum design, health and wellness consulting, and intercultural affairs. As a team, they provide leadership, guidance, support, and training to develop business ventures to implement actionable steps to achieve goals.

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