Industry Expert Led Affordable Training for Polishing Skills and Landing Jobs


Present and Convert: Turn Your Audience into Qualified Leads

Friday, January 22 to be rescheduled

Time:  2:00 — 4:00 pm

Cost:  $25

Instructor:  Susan Munter

Registration is closed.

Presenting online seems simple, but it is actually complex. It’s never been more important than now, as we work remotely.Sure, you have to entertain on the screen but job #1 is to use your presentation to convert viewers into qualified leads.

Branding Band takes a comprehensive approach to presenting, and we’ll talk about crafting content, body language, vocals, rhythm – all important aspects to conversion. We’ll use the Branding Band 12-Point Presentation Scorecard to give you an unvarnished, unwavering, uncompromising insights into your skills and talents. You will leave the webinar with specific action items to improve.

Bring a one-page slide you wrote, and we’ll work on your needs specifically. Your:

  • Voice
  • Language
  • Clothes/Environment
  • Personal Brand


We’ll all participate. Please bring one or two slides from a recent presentation. Spontaneity and humor welcome.

Who Should Attend? With rich, useful content, a short time commitment, and a low cost, price, this class is great for small business owners, consultants, non-profits and even job seekers. It’s also ideal for new entrepreneurs and anyone involved with business development.


Susan Munter is an experienced brand strategist for over a decade working with such leading advertising agencies as Digitas, Hill Holiday and PJA. She has advised companies across the globe, including American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Iron Mountain and Genzyme. She heads the startup Band55, a marketing collaborative serving NextGen entrepreneurs—people over the age of 55 starting new ventures.

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