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Team Building for Managers and Supervisors

Sunday  June 26


Cost:  $0   ($ + $ materials fee)

Team Building for Managers and Supervisors introduces managers to the essential elements of a successful team and how to improve team performance.

The workshop focuses on the Team Effectiveness Model, an effective method with five key components: Goals, Roles, Process and Procedures, Relationships, and Leadership. Understanding and using each component is essential to improving team effectiveness.

In this workshop, participants will learn to recognize the features, functions, and benefits of teams. They will learn how to differentiate between teams and work groups, how to identify characteristics of effective teams, how to identify and use the components of the Team Effectiveness Model and how to recognize team decision-making techniques.

Participants will leave with the ability to assess team effectiveness, initiate change to improve effectiveness, and assess how their management style affects a team’s performance. Participant’s confidence as a manager (or aspiring manager) will increase as their team’s effectiveness and performance improves.

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