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Essentials of Social Networking

Tuesday  October 26


Cost:  $0   ($ + $ materials fee)

Social networking is an increasingly hot topic influencing many aspects of our lives. Over 60% of marketing professionals utilize its potential, and an increasing number of employers trawl LinkedIn and other sites for “passive” candidates. Despite these facts, many professionals aren’t sure how to best use the power of social networking to advance their job search or mobilize people for a cause.

The workshop will touch on several topics vital to any professional’s understanding of social media. Participants will discover how social networking is impacting the larger culture from politics to marketing to advancing the job search. They will learn how to choose and use the best social networking channels to create a personal brand or mission, and how to project it powerfully where it counts. They will discover how to boost their networking effectiveness. Job seekers will discover how to drive employers and recruiters directly to them instead of remaining in the “resume mountain” in their in-box.

Whether a savvy social networker or skeptical observer, participants will learn how social networking is transforming their world and how to make themselves visible and attractive to employers.

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