Industry Expert Led Affordable Training for Polishing Skills and Landing Jobs


To Be Hired, You Must be Found

Secrets of a Successful Job Search

Thursday  July 16

Time:  1:00—2:30 pm

Cost:  $15

Instructor:  Susan P. Joyce

Find out how people find work today – the real facts, from Susan P. Joyce, creator of the best career and job-search site for professionals on the internet, This online presentation is designed to provide you with an insider’s view of what an effective job search is today. You’ll learn how to think like an employer, understand the qualities they look for while also learning what keywords are and how recruiters use them to find qualified candidates. You will learn how your Linkedin Profile can help or hurt you with employers, learning the keywords recruiters use to find qualified candidates, and how you can catch the eyes of employers. Most important, you’ll learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your online presence to increase your visibility and your credibility leading you to interviews.

Here’s just some of the topics covered:

  • How to be found on the internet by recruiters and employers
  • Why having a target job is crucial
  • Why you must target employers
  • How your online reputation can make a difference
  • Special tips for over-50 jobseekers and how to job hunt safely when employed
  • Special tips for the over 50 that will help you land a job!

Susan P. Joyce was laid off by Digital Equipment Corporation in 1994 and has been studying, writing, and speaking about online job search since 1995. A veteran of the USMC and two layoffs, Susan owns and manages and WorkCoach, building on her experience in IT, HR, compensation consulting, and informa- tion gathering and analysis. Susan is author of “How to Find a Job Using Craigslist” and is a former visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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