Industry Expert Led Affordable Training for Polishing Skills and Landing Jobs


Planning a Job Search Networking Campaign

Wednesday  October 7

Time:  1:00—2:30 pm

Cost:  $20

Instructor:  Larry Elle

Today everyone bows their head and pledges allegiance to networking during their job search. Yet, as most career counselors will affirm, only a minority actually network. Reasons vary from fear of approaching others to notions that it’s “too hard”, or just the difficulty of getting away from their comfortable seat in front of their computer. But this fact speaks for itself: 72 % of professional jobs are hired through some form of networking.

In this workshop you’ll learn what networking is, the four kinds of networking and why it’s so important to a successful job search. Today with Covid-19, networking primarily takes place, online, via Zoom or the phone. This actually makes it easier for both networkers and their contacts. You’ll learn where and how to reach out to people, what to say, and how to use Linkedin and other online sites. Your goal, to go from people you know to desired people and companies. We’ll review key networking strategies and outline an introduction you can use when networking. When you’re finished, you’ll have all the tools you need to land your next job!

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

  • What networking really is
  • How to be an effective networker
  • The three key tasks of networking and how to actualize them
  •  Networking strategies, networking scripts, and how to connect with others
  • How to overcome those networking fears limiting your job search

Larry Elle, MSW is Director of Success Associates Career Services and President of the Professional Development Collaborative. In his 20 years as a career professional, he has helped hundreds of Boston area professionals land “work they love.” A Nationally Certified Career and Job Transition Counselor, Larry wrote Community Connections: Resources for Massachusetts Unemployed and produced Power Networking: The Path to Job Search Success. He is aware of the emotional challenges of the job search and combines psychological insights with a knowledge of current job search methods and Boston’s ever changing labor market.

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