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Today’s Marketing Strategies to Build Long Term Relationships

Tuesday  October 26


Cost:  $0   ($ + $ materials fee)

Today the world of marketing is confusing. What works, what doesn’t? Is one’s marketing producing bottom line results? Are they reaching their target audience? In this workshop, the instructor discusses how marketing has morphed over the years and come back full circle. Attendees will leave with new knowledge of how to use today’s powerful marketing tools to give your firm the strategic advantage it needs to succeed.

Since 2000, the web and social networking have changed the marketing paradigm with tracking leads, analytics, and the ability to tailor messages to begin building relationships on-line. Attendees will learn how extensive research of target audiences, understanding their meaningful point of difference, and communicating in a powerful way, are today’s keys to successful marketing. They will see examples of how master marketers communicate messages that result in customers realizing it’s in their best interest to let one help them.

Key benefits of the workshop include an understanding of what parts of the old and new marketing really work today, how to leverage the powerful tools of social networking, email, and the web, how target audience research underpins marketing success and the tools and methods to do it, an understanding of Pull Marketing and relationship building, and on-line advertising, and how to craft meaningful messages and execute with the “Power of Two” so target decision makers respond to one’s outreach.

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