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Make Age Invisible

Wednesday  October 27

Time:  1:00—2:30 pm

Where:  Zoom

Cost:  $40

Instructor:  Randall Warniers

Many older job seekers worry that their age will be a factor in their ability to find employment. They often blame  age discrimination  when they don’t land a new position, when the real reason could be old behavior. This presentation will summarize the many forms of old behavior, describe why they aren’t helping you, and show you how to transcend them. We also use examples of successful older people to emphasize the crucial importance of energy, enthusiasm, preparation, dedication, and an up-to-date skill set in a job search. This talk is not about  acting younger, or pretending you are not your age. It’s about learning to clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and what you offer to the world of work. When others recognize these positive qualities in you, your age becomes invisible and your talent shines. 

Here are the topics the class covers:

  • How to recognize the false assumptions we make about age
  • How to see the employer’s point of view on hiring
  • How to be aware of the consequences of old behavior
  • How to keep your marketable skills fresh and up to date
  • How to present yourself positively in person and on video calls

Who Should Attend? This webinar is ideal for anyone in job search or career transition who feels their age will be a negative factor in their ability to find successful employment. The webinar gives the job seeker multiple positive perspectives to transcend the belief that age discrimination is a reality in employment hiring. There will be time available for questions and answers. 


Randall Warniers is a freelance editor and book designer who spent nearly two decades in the world of publishing as managing editor of a research journal at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He is an instructor in 19th-century British literature at Acton-Boxborough Community Education, the coordinator of the Films at Fowler movie series at Concord Public Library, and a facilitator and member of the leadership team at Acton Networkers.

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