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Key Coaching Skills for Non-Coaches to Build & Strengthen Relationships

Friday  October 15

Time:  1:00—2:30 pm

Where:  Zoom

Cost:  $40

Instructor:  Angela Giles

This course is also an excellent introduction to the growing field of coaching. You’ll quickly gain critical coaching skills needed for today’s workplace, making you more marketable, productive and empathic. There will be time available for questions and answers.

Here are some topics the class covers:

  • How to create a strong network to tap into and how to build a community of followers
  •  How to network strategically within the community
  • How to stay focused on sharing your skills, talents, expertise, passions in an impactful way
  • How to delegate tasks in order to optimize your time effectively, efficiently.
  • How to use Social Media (FB, Clubhouse, LinkedIn, Twitter) to stand out in your field.
  • How to focus on building relationships while managing tasks & projects like successful business leaders.

Who Should Attend? If you are a team leader, in HR, customer service, an entrepreneur or a staff in any kind of helping capacity, Angela Giles can provide you with key coaching skills to help you and others perform at a much higher level.


Angela Giles, a coach to Forbes Coaches Council members, is a results-driven coach, marketer, consultant and speaker who helps individuals build strong relationships for personal and career success. For 19+ yrs, her award-winning coaching skills have been the foundation for her clients to create successful career paths based on their strategic relationships. Their successes allow them to make an impact in the community while on their road toward personal and career achievements.

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