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Immune Health 101:

Steps To Improve Your Health During and After the Covid Crisis

Friday, April 30 to be rescheduled

Time:  2:00 — 3:30 pm

Where:  Zoom

Cost:  $20

Instructor:  Dr. Richard Baez

Registration is closed.

Staying healthy during the Covid pandemic is challenging. In addition to the Covid-19 virus, our immune system is constantly under attack from other kinds of viruses. The stronger your immune system the better chance you have to stay healthy and vibrant, or if infected, to recover quickly. What is generally not known is that there are many things you can do beyond vaccines to strengthen your immune system. Dr. Baez will share with you home therapies you can use to help yourself, family and friends stay healthy while also providing crucial information on how your immune system works and how it can be fortified to maximize your optimal wellness.

Participants Takeaways: 

  • home therapies
  • How to empower yourself to support your immune health
  • Available at home therapies to strengthen your immune system
  • A clear understanding of how your immune system works
  • How viruses mutate and why that happens
  • An ability to help yourself and the tools needed to help your family and friends

Dr. Richard Baez D.C., B.S. is an international speaker and instructor who is passionate about empowering his audience to live healthier lives. Dr. Baez takes pride in being able to break down complex ideas into relatable and achievable steps. Whether he is speaking with patients in his practice or presenting to audiences, Dr. Baez walks you through every step so true learning can be achieved.

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