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How to Apply for and Obtain a US Patent

Without Going Broke

Sunday  June 26

Time:  9:00 am — 4:00 pm

Cost:  $97
Early Bird Special: $87 through April 24

Instructor:  Fran Barbaro

Learn what it takes to determine if an idea is worth the process of obtaining a trademark, copyright or patent; the differences among these three options; and how to go through the application and approval process without going broke. Learn the costs of obtaining a patent, how to avoid unnecessary legal fees, and private and public support s to help you.


Fran Barbaro, MBA and Entrepreneur, has her MBA in Technology and Entrepreneurship from the University of Liverpool and a BS in Management from Bentley University. She is an entrepreneur and has years of experience in B2B sales, marketing, telemarketing, management, and engineering. She has worked for some of the largest inside sales, B2B, and telemarketing groups supporting companies such as SAP, Intuit, Kodak, General Electric, and is an Educational Specialist for Universities and Colleges. She has been awarded four patents from the US patent office based on technological advances to internet structure and design. She has eight additional patents pending. Her background has been with start-ups, large corporations, and service companies. She is currently building four companies to launch the patents that have been awarded, filed, and prosecuted.

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