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How to Get Motivated Regardless of Circumstances

Zoom Webinar ( in the comfort of your home )

Thursday  May 7

Time:  1:00—2:30 pm

Cost:  $25

Instructor:  John Chapin

How would you like to be able to keep yourself motivated in your job search, your job, or starting a business, regardless of what’s going on in your personal or professional life?

John Chapin can teach you how. John is a motivational speaker and author of the largest and most comprehensive sales book on the planet. John tested his ideas in his own life and they propelled him, as they can propel you, to personal, professional and career success. If you’re bogged down, frustrated, but wanting to move ahead, join us for an evening and leave fired up and raring to go.

You will learn the following:

  • Key “Attitude” Success Principles
  • How to instantly shift from negative to positive thoughts
  • The top two character traits to keep you motivated and moving forward at all times
  • The most powerful force for positive motivation
  • How to eliminate the two major roadblocks to staying upbeat and positive
  • The key belief that will give you complete control over your destiny

John Chapin has had to juggle multiple projects and deadlines in his years as manager and business owner. In one position John managed an office of financial advisors. Within 9 months, he brought the branch from a ranking of 46 out of 52 offices to number 11. All this accomplished while maintaining a personal production ranking in the top 1% of financial advisors nationally. In another job John ran a division of a company where he managed all the projects and deadlines within the division expanding it from two states to 48 states and 5 continents. As a number one sales and customer service rep for 26 years, and author of the 2010 sales book of the year: Sales Encyclopedia. John attributes his professional success to great time management skills and being able to prioritize the really important tasks to maximize his results.

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