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Fundraising for Non-Profits, Part 1

Monday  June 27

Time:  4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Cost:  $45

Instructor:  Edith Moricz

Non-profits are defined by their mission but they’re sustained by fundraising. Success in fundraising will make or break a non-profit, and in this two part series, you will learn the key fundraising methods that can generate the money your organization needs to succeed.

Fundraising Part One is designed for non-profits operating on a shoe-string budget and interested in growing their donor database rapidly. Topics include new lead generation, special event planning, online auctions, holiday appeals, e-newsletters, social media marketing, planned gifts, leadership gifts, corporate sponsorships, video testimonials and much more.


Edith Moricz, PDC President, has had a 25 year career that includes financial advising, fundraising, academia, and career coaching. Her fundraising career spans 13 years. She founded  RocketYourNonProfit, a fundraising coaching program for non-profit organizations. Edith is a double alumna of Boston University (undergrad and grad school).  She enjoys traveling, ballet, and theatre.

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