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Effective Communications

Monday  June 27


Cost:  $0   ($ + $ materials fee)

Interested in learning to:

  • Communicate in a way that motivates performance and delivers results?
  • Handle conflict more effectively and end with a path forward?

We learn to communicate as children and develop our communication styles in our families, in school, and with friends. Our styles evolve from what “works,” and when we reach the workplace, they are pretty well solidified. Communication styles, however, don’t always motivate performance; they sometimes accomplish the opposite, leaving us wondering what went wrong or thinking that others are being difficult. But we can learn to communicate to achieve the outcomes we want — with less drama and conflict.

Participants will learn the four ingredients to motivating people and how to:

  • Effectively motivate workplace performance
  • Give feedback when work is completed as requested or not
  • Work through disagreements, high emotions, and conflict



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