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Creating a Website

Monday  June 27


Cost:  $0   ($ + $ materials fee)

In this one day course, participants will learn the WHAT, WHY and HOW to build their own website to dramatically improve their chances of landing their ideal position or to raise business revenues. Having a positive web presence today is absolutely essential for jobseekers and for businesses. For jobseekers, hiring managers and Human Resource staff look to their online presence just as much as to their resume. Their web presence helps hiring managers gauge a candidate’s personality, motivation, level of knowledge and sophistication, qualities a resume cannot convey. These new web tools make the resume nearly obsolete.

Here is just some of what participants will learn:

  • The #1 critical thing you MUST do before creating a web site or blog.
  • The types of websites that produce results and those that ensure failure.
  • How to make your site visible to hiring managers and for businesses, to your potential customers.
  • Why jobseekers should favor blogging over a website and why a business should use BOTH.
  • How to use powerful free online market research tools to help you connect with employers and customers
  • How to pick a domain name
  • How to use simple templates to create a website or blog in under 30 minutes!
  • A live demonstration of creating a website or blog using FREE online tools.
  • How to make basic changes to a website using basic HTML editors.
  • For businesses, easy and inexpensive ways to outsource your web design inexpensively.
  • How and where to host your website or blog (using free or inexpensive sites).
  • How to secure your site and provide backup in case your hosting service computer crashes.



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