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Communicating for Results

Enhance Your Communication Skills

Monday  May 23

Time:  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Cost:  $49

Our styles of communication evolve from “what works” with both those in charge and with people with less power than we have. Good communication skills are a plus, especially when your communication style is clear, motivating and improves relationships. This workshop is for anyone wanting to develop a clearer understanding of how your communication style impacts your listeners and their behaviors. It is especially helpful for team leaders, managers, and aspiring managers who want to produce results and reduce conflicts through their communications.

You will learn:

  • Four key ingredients to motivating people;
  • How to actively listen and check for commitment;
  • How to effectively motivate performance in the workplace;
  • How to give feedback when work is completed as requested or not; and
  • How to work through disagreements, high emotions and conflict.
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