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Essentials of Authentic Leadership

Monday  May 23


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Leadership is a must-have in today’s world, but can anyone be a leader? Join us for an in depth discussion of the complexities of leadership and find out how to become a more effective, more authentic leader.

People who can effectively lead others – who can get better results from their work with others – are highly sought after and find their work to be more effective and satisfying. While the field of leadership development is a maze of models – each offering a cure-all prescription of competencies, strengths and intelligences – actual research and practice show that each person has a unique expression of leadership and that we lead most effectively when we tap into that uniqueness. For anyone, the only leadership model that matters is their own.

Topics include: the power of authentic leadership in times of crisis and change, how one’s sense of purpose, work and personal relationships, capacity for self-discipline, and values, are fundamental to one’s leadership effectiveness, tools and exercises for developing authentic leadership in oneself and others, and how to communicate the value of one’s leadership capabilities to colleagues and employers.

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