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Agile / Scrum Fundamentals

Friday, August 27 to be rescheduled

Time:  10am–12pm [BREAK] 12:40–2:40pm

Where:  Zoom

Cost:  $87   ($77 + $10 materials fee)
Early Bird Special: $77 through August 17

Instructor:  Frank Saucier

Registration is closed.

This live webinar is designed to provide you with a rapid foundation in the values, benefits, and practices of Agile and Scrum in the shortest amount of time using an active classroom with simulations and interactive team learning exercises. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of what “doing Agile” or “adopting Scrum” really means and be ready to move forward with Scrum in your organization. If you already do Scrum and need to spin up more teams or on-board new employees quickly, this is the webinar for you.

PMI credential holders, can earn 7.5 PDUs.

Here’s a list of the topics the class covers:

  • Comparing Traditional, Agile, and Scrum approaches
  • Understanding the Product Owner, Developer, and Scrum Master roles
  • Managing the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Increment
  • Applying a Definition of Ready and a Definition of Done
  • Conducting Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, Sprint Reviews, and Sprint Retrospectives

Who Should Attend?

With rich, useful content, a single day commitment, and a low price, the class is great for both individuals and teams. Individuals quickly gain the knowledge they need to broaden their skills and make themselves more marketable, teams carry back knowledge they can apply immediately. This webinar is ideal for programmers, engineers, project managers, team leaders, anyone involved with product development or anyone interested in deepening their Agile/Scrum knowledge.

Read what some participants have said:

“The class was one of the most engaging and cost-effective classes I’ve taken in my 25+ years of work.”
– Irwin Schreiman, PerkinElmer

“Awesome Class!”
– Stanley Ivas

“Best in Boston to learn Agile/Scrum.”
– Kanda Alagappan

“I can use these principles & practices to take charge of my day today.”
– Heather Mardis, Motorola Mobility/ARRIS

“Very informative, engaging, and a definite ‘go to’ for starting or improving agile in your company.”
– Abhinay Pujari, GMO

“If you are planning to or are employing Agile methodology, this class should be required.“- Mark Ayasee, VFA Inc.

“Excellent class. Covered the fundamentals in a fun interesting manner.“

“It’s as good for beginners as for someone who is already using agile.“
– Oleg Puzatkin, VFA Inc.

“Definitely worth every penny + would absolutely recommend!“
– AlixPartners

“Agile ASAP is a great one day introduction to Agile and Scrum. The teachers are among the best in the world. I brought my entire team with me, and they left excited and ready to bring it to work the next day. I will send more teams to this class, and I’ll bring theteachers into my company for on-site training. Don’t miss it!”
– Richard Kasperowski, Nokia



Frank Saucier is an Executive and Agile coach, trainer, and change facilitator at FreeStanding Agility. By inviting participation and building collaboration, Frank’s able to empower teams and leaders to realize their goals of adopting Agile and scaling Business Agility. You can reach Frank by email at or on LinkedIn.

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