Training Today’s Professional for Tomorrow’s Workplace

The Art & Science of Positive Negotiations

We all negotiate on a daily basis! Whether it’s the purchase of a car or home, a department budget, or a salary and benefits for a new job, to name only a few. It’s also said that great leaders and managers are great negotiators.  But how do you become an effective negotiator?  On-the-job experience certainly plays a role, but for most professionals, taking their negotiation skills to the next level requires outside training, something companies rarely offer.

This workshop provides an overview of the art and science of negotiations. Specialists debate between win-lose and win-win tactics but the reality for most people is that they often leave money on the table or feel like they didn’t end up in the best position after a tough negotiation. If this sounds like you, you’ll gain from hearing an expert on negotiations and practicing negotiation techniques. You’ll gain insights that will make you a more effective negotiator.

Here’s just some of what you’ll do in this workshop:

  • Learn the key negotiation techniques of the Harvard Program on Negotiation
  • Gain experience practicing negotiation techniques that will help you increase your value
  • Learn to negotiate lasting and sustainable (win-win) deals
  • Become aware of common pitfalls in the negotiation process
  • Enable you as a team member or an individual to better prepare for a negotiation