Training Today’s Professional for Tomorrow’s Workplace

Effective Networking:

A "How To" On Growing Your Networking Skills Before and After You Land a Job

Approximately 80% of all professional jobs and new opportunities are obtained through networking. Unfortunately most job seekers and professionals who have jobs do not network and if they do – they do it poorly. The purpose of this workshop is to teach job seekers and those who already have jobs easy-to-use, step-by-step methods about how to network effectively. Master this approach and you’ll significantly increase your chances of landing your next job as well as developing key relationships to obtain future opportunities. Participants will receive networking templates and tools refined over a 20-year period that practically guarantee networking success.

Each participant will also learn how to:

  • Become professional problem finders and opportunity creators
  • Create needs and contributions statements
  • Get others to sell and help open doors for you
  • Obtain and schedule face-to-face networking meetings with key people
  • Obtain strong referrals
  • Persuasively sell themselves  and to make bold statements
  • Create and execute a streamlined marketing plan
  • Take advantage of potential networking opportunities