Training Today’s Professional for Tomorrow’s Workplace

Designing and Delivering Effective Training

A Hands-On, Two-Day Workshop

Learn how to design an engaging and productive course geared towards adult learners including tips for facilitating courses that are learner centered.

Apply and practice what you’ve learned by delivering 15 minutes of original training and get immediate feedback from the instructor and fellow learners.

Prerequisites: A desire to design and deliver effective training. That’s all! Optional: Apprehension and trepidation about being a trainer.

Congratulations! You’re going to teach a class on that thing you know so well. You’re the expert on it, so training other people about it should be easy, right? That’s what they are telling you, right?

Training is its own skill set, and if you get to know the principles behind it, you can become a great trainer. That’s what you will do in this class. The goal is that you will be able to develop an effective and well-reviewed training experience. The first session will focus on defining the goals and solid objectives that are the basis of effective training. In the second session, we will focus on training delivery; you will practice training your co-participants and receive helpful feedback from them. You will get to know theory behind effective training, and you will put that theory to use immediately.

When you complete the workshop, you will be on the way to being able to:
• Define goals of the training you need to develop
• Define learning objectives of the training you need to develop
• Determine the enabling objectives that lead to achieving the objectives
• Create an outline and activities that will achieve the objectives
• Identify & describe the goals & learning objective of existing training materials that you might need to use
• Apply principles of adult learning to your training development and teaching
• Present training content in a classroom setting
• And Identify and work with challenging training participant

Note: Start thinking now of a topic you’d like to use for your Day 2 practice presentation! By having a topic in mind, you’ll get the most out of the Day 1 activities which are designed to help you prepare for Day 2. Keep it simple. Choose a topic you know. Sample topics: “How to Write a Press Release” or “Swimming Pool Safety,” or “How to Do Excel Pivot Tables”.