Training Today’s Professional for Tomorrow’s Workplace

Introduction to CRM and Salesforce

SalesForce has become today’s product of choice in workplaces using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, especially with firms where sales, marketing, and customer support are crucial. Non-profits are also utilizing Salesforce for fundraising, managing donor relations and providing compelling data for grant submissions. Today it’s crucial to know how to use CRM type software to stay productive in your role.

This workshop introduces you to CRM and to, a CRM software product that allows you to share customer information across the organization and between external stakeholders. You’ll gain introductory-level skills and master the basic practices, strategies, and technologies that organizations use to analyze, manage, and improve their relationships with customers.  Knowing Salesforce’s innovative platform of business applications will help you stay on the cutting edge of cloud, mobile, social, and data science technologies. When you learn the fundamentals of using Salesforce and CRM, doors of opportunity open for you.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How specific organizations are using CRM – and their results
  • What areas of business CRM impacts
  • Guiding principles of CRM & Salesforce
  • How to get started with Salesforce
  • How to create Accounts, Contacts, and Leads in Salesforce